Causes of Bronchitis in Children

There are various factors that can cause bronchitis in children, ranging from exposure to cigarette smoke to infection. Mother and Father need to be vigilant if your child shows symptoms of bronchitis. Although it can heal on its own, in certain cases, bronchitis can cause serious complications, such as pneumonia.

symptoms of bronchitis in children

Bronchitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the bronchial tubes or ducts that connect the throat to the lungs. This disease can be acute or recover in a few days or weeks, but can also be chronic or persist for months or even years.

Bronchitis in children can cause several symptoms, such as coughing, fever, weakness, lack of food and drink, breathing sounds or wheezing, to shortness of breath.

Bronchitis can be caused by many things. Parents need to know what causes bronchitis in children, so this condition can be avoided.

What are the causes of bronchitis in children?

The causes of bronchitis in each child are generally different. However, there are several things that often cause bronchitis in children, namely:

Virus infection

Viral infections are the most common cause of bronchitis, both in children and adults. The type of virus that often causes bronchitis in children is influenza virus, Corona virus, and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), which often triggers ARI.

The virus can spread through splashes of fluid that comes out when people infected with the virus cough or sneeze. Children can get the virus that causes bronchitis if breathing in air containing the spark or holding objects that have been contaminated with the virus.

Bacterial infection

Bronchitis in children can also be caused by bacterial infections. One type of bacteria that can cause bronchitis in children is Mycoplasma pneumoniae, which is a bacterium that also causes pneumonia.

As with viruses, the spread of bacteria that causes bronchitis can also occur through air or contaminated objects. To overcome bronchitis caused by a bacterial infection, doctors usually prescribe antibiotics.

Exposure to irritants

In addition to germs, inflammation of the bronchial tubes can also occur due to exposure to irritants continuously. The irritant that causes bronchitis can come from cigarette smoke, air pollution, dust and chemical gases, such as air freshener or perfume.


Allergies are also one of the causes of bronchitis in children. This cause tends to be more common in children who have a history of asthma. If you frequently recur and are not well controlled, allergies can also make children experience chronic bronchitis.

Apart from the causes above, there are several factors that can make a child more at risk of suffering from bronchitis, namely:

Under 5 years old
Staying or living in a house with active smokers
Have a history of allergies or asthma
Suffered from an immune system disorder
Have family members who suffer from bronchitis or lung disease

Symptoms of bronchitis in children to watch out for

Mother and Father are encouraged to immediately bring your child to the doctor if he has symptoms of bronchitis in children, especially if he has experienced symptoms of severe bronchitis, such as:

Bleeding cough
High fever that never subsides
Heavy breathing or shortness of breath
Cough that has been going on for more than 3 weeks
Very weak because they do not want to eat and drink

To determine the right treatment, doctors need to find out the cause of bronchitis in children and evaluate their overall health condition. This can be done through physical examination and supporting examinations, such as blood tests, X-rays, lung function tests, to sputum examination.

After the child is confirmed to have bronchitis and the cause is known, the doctor can treat bronchitis in children by providing drugs, oxygen therapy, and pulmonary rehabilitation.

In general, bronchitis in children due to viral infection or irritation can heal by itself in about 1-2 weeks, without special treatment.

However, Mother and Father are still advised to see your child to the doctor, because bronchitis has the potential to develop more severe or persist for months or years. That way, your child can get proper treatment from a doctor, according to the cause.

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